New Series 2022 「突破 -TOPPA-」

We are in the middle of reviewing the different series that we currently have, removing some series that were either temporary or we didn’t feel represented what we were trying to do effectively. (See our general series review blog post Here and our first new series post for “Rediscovery” here)

Today we are introducing our second, “Toppa”, series. Whereas “rediscovery” was about going back to our roots, with a focus on beers with finesse and balance, this series is a little more about pushing limits. Approximately meaning “breakthrough”, this series is more a culmination of our newer discoveries, and particularly in the realm of higher alcohol beer.

While one of our core values connected heavily to our beer production is “Craftsmanship”, another is “Exploration”. These two values, in some ways, seem to contradict one another. Craftsmanship largely focuses on honing ones skills, refining, and making the repetition in the experience count. Exploration is in itself the lack of experience within an area, and going out to learn something entirely new, or applying something learned to an entirely new area. These two areas are both important to KBC, however, and this series is all about our experimentation in the field of high alcohol beers, braking the limits of what our equipment should be able to realistically manage in terms of strength of beer.

Opposite to our Rediscovery series, these Toppa beers will not be subtle or modest in how they come across, but offer a lot of body, a lot of character, and a hefty punch to boot! Also unlike Rediscovery or Mari Family, both of which are specifically Belgian-inspired, this series focuses on exploring styles from different beer cultures, and the appreciation of the variety, depth and complexity that high ABV styles can bring.

While balance is always important to us at KBC, consider this a series for those who like their beers to be slow-sipping and full bodied, whether leaning more in the direction of a Belgian quad or an adjunct-infused imperial stout.