New Series 2022「六遊記 -6 JOURNEYS-」

We are in the middle of reviewing the different series that we currently have, removing some series that were either temporary or we didn’t feel represented what we were trying to do effectively. (See our general series review blog post <here> and our first new series post for “Rediscovery” <here>)

This time around we are introducing a new IPA series. The IPA is by far the most popular style within the world of craft beer, and despite its roots being in the use of large volumes of hops added to avoid spoilage, the style is now a self-indulgent one, with breweries packing as much of the latest varieties of the green flower in as they can. The term IPA also nowadays covers many different substyles, and it is sometimes hard to believe the sheer variety contained within these three letters. As a way of taking this variety in an alternative direction, last year we created an IPA series of 6 beers focused around the 6 main flavour profiles that we are able to sense. We looked at how hops could create or change some of these characters in ways we wouldn't normally imagine.

This year we also wanted to go on a journey of exploration but, rather than focusing on different sensations not normally associated with this style, we instead wanted to step away from the birthplace of the modern IPA, America, and instead imagine ourselves on 6 journeys to other countries. Hops are so widely produced and have such rich history in different countries, we decided to play around with this, reimagining the IPA through the lense of different beer cultures.

So please join us on this trip! We are not completely sure where we will end up but will undoubtedly make a number of discoveries along the way.