Limited Release Series - Minami Hankyu no Asahi (Sunrise Down Under)

While we make many hop forward pale ales through our 'Kimagure series', it is rare that we make an American-style IPA. With a short window of free space in a busy summer brewing schedule, we decided to make an American-style IPA, showcasing newly arrived hops from New Zealand. Much like our recent release Sunset Down Under, a hoppy wheat featuring hops from Australia, New Zealand hops are becoming more and more popular for their unique fruit and herb characteristics. We chose Wakatu and Motueka as the main hops and let Mosaic (an American variety) play a supporting role in the background. The result is quite unique, with aromas and flavours of pineapples, herbs, and passion fruit. With temperatures rising, the refreshing fruit character of this IPA is a no brainer!

Naming: This beer continues on a theme of showcasing hops from the southern hemisphere. While Sunset Down Under, a hoppy wheat, used Australian hops, Sunrise Down Under focuses on hops from just a bit farther east in New Zealand where the sunrise comes just a wee bit sooner.

Style: American IPA

Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Vienna

Bittering: Millennium
Flavour/Aroma: Mosaic, Wakatu, Motueka

Yeast: American Ale II

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 40

Gas Volumes: 2.4

Collections: Retired Beers

Type: Beer

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