KBCロゴ 手ぬぐい (KBC Logo Tenugui)


KBC’s tenugui, manufactured by Eirakuya. Eirakuya was founded in Kyoto in 1615, the first year of the Edo Period. It was bestowed its name by Oda Nobunaga, a powerful daimyo who helped unify a large swathe of Japan and has been in operation since. It is the oldest cotton and cloth company in Japan and is currently run by the 14th generation successor, Hosotsuji-san.

With this in mind, when we decided to add a tenugui to our merch collection, Eirakuya seemed like the perfect company to ask. Some of their more evocative prints are beautiful enough to simply be wall-mounted. Others are more tactfully designed and a simple, repetitive pattern is employed as a lot of people use them beyond merely wrapping things. Lots will use tenugui as hand clothes, tea towels, handkerchiefs, etc.

Perhaps you will use the tenugui to wrap some of your bottles or growlers to take to the Kamo river or perhaps you will use it to wrap your bento to bring to the taproom; whatever the case, we look forward to seeing how you make use of your KBC tenugui.