We are looking for more people to help us in our efforts to reuse the spent grain byproduct of the brewing process.  The grain is currently collected by local farmers, zoos, and botanical gardens who use the grain for feed and fertilizer.  As our production volume has grown, so has the need to increase the number of people involved in this endeavor.  We hope you can help us by joining the “Baku-katsu (Spent Grain) Project” to ensure that this valuable resource doesn’t go to waste!  

< Application Period: Monday, August 15, to Monday, August 29>

About the Baku-Katsu Project

30kg of spent grain is prepared for pickup in plastic bags (approximate dimensions: 35cm deep X 50cm wide X 30cm tall)

At least one pickup per month (10 bags or more preferred) 

Pickup on-site on pre-determined days (notified in advance)

KBC staff will assist with loading of spent grain

Renumeration paid in KBC beer

If you would like a sample prior to applying, please feel free to contact us

How to Apply

Send an email to info@kyotobrewing.com with the subject line 【麦活プロジェクト参加希望】. Please be sure to include the following information in the body of the email.


・Contact information (address and phone number)

・How you intend to use the spent grain (fertilizer, feed, etc)

How much you would like to pickup (also indicate this if you want to receive a sample)

Any other questions you may have

We will respond to your email with more information and next steps.

Please visit our blog for more information on the project and how spent grain can be utilized.  If you have any questions please contact us at info@kyotobrewing.com.  We look forward to your support!