KBCロゴの栓抜き (KBC Logo Bottle Opener)


As crazy as it may seem, nearly a year went into its re-development.

We wanted to bevel everything so that the opener could properly get underneath the lip of the bottle cap and also provide additional heft to help reduce the amount of effort needed to pry open bottles. With our friends at MTRL KYOTO (pronounced: Material), we printed out numerous plastic versions on their 3D printer to try and find the best balance between maintaining our logo yet making sure it performed its job as an opener.

From there, we reached out to our neighbours located literally down the block as they’re a metal plating company. After hearing our requirements, they introduced us to one of their partners, a Hiroshima-based company that could help with the cast production - enter Castem Corporation

We decided to made a first run of 1000 casts. Similar to our original design, we wanted to not only sell the opener, but something that enabled you to attach the opener to something so you could conveniently always carry a piece of KBC with you. In the end, we ended up working with Masunari Women Label Coa company based in Osaka.

After all that, we’re excited to bring you our new bottle opener.