Search for Head Brewer begins anew

A few months ago, a post was uploaded onto our blog announcing that our head brewer and co-founder, Chris Hainge, was going to be leaving KBC at the end of 2023.

Timed with that announcement was the start of a search for a new head brewer for KBC.

Truth be told, we had actually secured a new head brewer (the contracted was inked in July). Unfortunately, due to a series of events beyond our control, that individual had to back out earlier this week due to personal reasons and we are now forced to relaunch our search for a head brewer.

The original goal was to have Chris and the new individual overlap for 3 months so that the baton could be passed directly from 'old guard' to 'new gen'. However, with this spanner in the works, we are going to be running the brewery without a head brewer for a few months.

By the way we've been posting to social media this year, quite a few of you must be aware that we've been in a crazy period of adding a lot of new equipment to our brewery while we have Chris' steady hand still with us.

What hasn't been discussed but is actually more exciting for me, personally, is the fact that our team at the moment is the strongest it has ever been: in the number of people, years of accumulated experience and especially in motivation.

The initial reaction of dismay of losing our new head brewer has actually morphed into excitement (true, a little anxiety as well) as it means our team is going to have the opportunity to stand on their own as we focus on our new 2024 series ranges.

When we do get the new head brewer, it'll then represent a true watershed moment for KBC as that person will be joining the company without a direct baton pass.

Stay tuned.