About Beer subscription "Nowhere Like Home 2022"

We are happy to be releasing our Nowhere Like Home limited 3 month bottle club for the 3rd time. Those who have purchased previously will be aware but we first introduced this set at a time when the first lockdown was kicking in, and we also happened to be getting ready to release our barrel aged beers for the first time.

We have our next group of barrel-aged beers ready for bottling and, unfortunately, are also seeing increasing numbers of COVID cases again. Hopefully these sets can provide a special treat for people to enjoy in the safety of their homes.

The sets will contain a total of 18 beers, split over 3 months, and this time around, we will be including a total of 5 special barrel aged bottles in the packs.

Our 3 sets are planned as follows:

Set 1

Planned shipping date: 2/18 (Fri)


  1. Fuyu no Kimagure 2022(350ml can, White IPA)
  2. Marina (350ml can, IPA)
  3. Veil of Darkness (350ml can, Imperial Stout)
  4. Mariko (350ml can, Belgian IPA)
  5. 6 Day Weekend (350ml can, Belgian Session IPA)
  6. Winter’s End Barrel Aged Edition (330ml bottle, Belgian Imperial Stout)

Set 2

Planned shipping date: 3/11(Fri)


  1. New “6 Journeys” Series, “Germany” (350ml can, German IPA)
  2. Iridescence Series, Name TBC(350ml can, Fruit Sour)
  3. New “Toppa” Series, Dark Impact (350ml can, Imperial Stout)
  4. Bottle Logic Collaboration Standard Ver., Name TBC (330ml bottle, Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)
  5. Bottle Logic Collaboration, Special Ver. 1, Name TBC (330ml bottle, Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)
  6. Bottle Logic Collaboration, Special Ver. 2, Name TBC (330ml bottle, Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)

Set 3

Planned shipping date: 4/15(Fri)


  1. Pilgrim’s Respite - Shido - Barrel Aged Version (375ml bottle, saison)
  2. Haru no Kimagure 2022(350ml can, IPA)
  3. New “6 Journeys” Series, TBC(350ml can, IPA)
  4. New Shintenchi (350ml can, TBC)
  5. Himari (350ml can, Belgian Red IPA)
  6. TBC(350ml can, TBC)

Sales period is 1/14~1/31. However, please note that sales will stop when the beers sell out.

Shipping dates may be forced to change slightly. Beer contents may change slightly.