KBC Collab - Godspeed Brewery


Many long time fans of craft beer in Japan might’ve come across the name Luc Lafontaine.

In the case of KBC, we’ve had the pleasure of knowing Luc since 2013 and in the early days when KBC had just received our license (Apr 2014), we asked Luc if he’d be willing to come out to Japan to assist us in getting our first four beers out the door.

We had such a great time when he came over, our 3rd batch turned into our first collab!

For the uninitiated, please refer to here:

Fast forward 6 years. Luc is now owner and brewer of Godspeed Brewing, a highly-respected brewery in Toronto, Canada.

Though not originally hailing from Japan, a lot of Luc’s life is intertwined with it and so when he launched his brewery, he thought it only natural that his beers would feature a Japanese theme throughout; whether it be in the adjuncts featured in his beers or in the artwork and names that grace his labels.


When Luc reached out that he was coming to visit Japan earlier this year, not only did we talk about trying to meet up again and exchange war stories but conversation started to naturally veer towards doing another collaboration brew.

The beer needed a few months but it’ll be ready for release next week. We look forward to sharing details with you very soon.