Series Intro: Kaiho 'Freedom'

Last week we introduced the first of our newly defined beer series, in the Mari 'Hop' Family series. Today we are introducing our Kaiho or 'Freedom' series.


Last week we got into introducing our new series lineup and their joint goal of getting us back to why we originally set back to do what we are doing, and also getting our message out to consumers about where our different products belong in our range of beers. The first introduced series, outside of our original Teiban, Kimagure and Nakama 'friendship' series, was the Mari 'Hop' Family series, which started with our popular siblings Mariko and Mario as two first products. This series was one that, when it was conceived, fit most closely with our early inspiration of pairing what we loved about Belgian yeast character with modern techniques and new world hops.

If our Mari 'Hop' Family series is one that has a very specific niche in terms of style and concept, the series we wish to share here almost represents in some ways the opposite. The Mari Family, and other series that we will share over the next couple of weeks, represent a clear and defined concept in terms of both beer style and, while they won’t be on sale together, could easily sit on a shelf side by side and show clear relation. However, this series is a celebration of "freedom", and therefore represents the ability to dive into any style and any level of complexity. Why?

While we love experimenting and then getting deep with a certain concept, we also love to wind down with a super easy drinking beer at the end of a hot day, sometimes want to curl up with a high ABV slow sipper in the winter, and sometimes want to just make something out-there and crazy. Why should we need to deny ourselves the fun of doing that?

The kaiho 'freedom' series harks back to our deep-rooted philosophy of “brewing the beers you want to drink”. Sometimes we will be inspired by flavour combinations found in food, spontaneously having a great idea to experiment with, and sometimes we will look at our upcoming lineup and decide what is missing is a perfectly balanced pilsner or kolsch. Other times we might want something hoppy, juicy, and yet low in ABV and easy drinking, and other times we might feel like making the best imperial stout we possibly can.

The styles in this series might not always be the most well known or biggest selling but they represent what our brewers feel like making, what we feel like drinking, and what you will likely see us ordering if you spot us stepping into our own taproom!

Cheers to “freedom”.