Kyoto Brewing Co.

福は家コース (Nowhere Like Home Course)


We have a number of special high ABV beers that we just released, and a couple of barrel-aged beers reaching maturity and coming together nicely for shipping out between now and the end of March. We thought this was the right time, therefore, to release our second “Nowhere Like Home” course.

The first box of this set comes with an original KBC tenugui.

1st Shipment:Jan 29th(Fri)Contents:6 Items

  1. Veil of Darkness(Imperial Stout)- 500ml bottle
  2. Winter's End - 1 year matured version(Belgian Imperial Stout)- 500ml bottle
  3. Ruby Royal(Belgian Imperial Red Ale)- 500ml bottle
  4. Mariko(Belgian IPA)- 330ml bottle
  5. Unnamed New Release(Belgian Pale Ale)- 330ml bottle
  6. Kan(American IPA)- 330ml bottle

2nd Shipment:Feb 26th(Fri)Contents:4 Items

  1. Okuriinu - Barrel-Aged Version(Belgian Barley Wine)- 500ml bottle <--- only available with this set
  2. Unnamed New Release(Collaboration 'Nakama Series')- 350ml can
  3. Haru no Kimagure 2021(IPA)- 350ml can
  4. Unnamed New Release(New 'Locality Series')- 350ml can

2nd Shipment:Mar 26th(Fri)Contents:4 Items

  1. Farmer's Table - Barrel-Aged Version(Table Saison)- 375ml bottle-conditioned champagne bottle
    Desc: Collaboration with Upright Brewing secondary fermentation in a wooden barrel with Brettanomyces
  2. Unnamed New Release(New 'Mari- Family Series')- 350ml can
  3. Unnamed New Release(New '6 Tastes Series')- 350ml can
  4. Unnamed New Release(New 'Sui Series')- 350ml can

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