Limited Release Series - Toumin kara no Mezame (Winter's End)

1 bar limited to 1x kegs max

We use the Belgian Ardennes yeast as our house strain and have always been impressed by the wide range of flavours in our year round beers, from the banana-like Nagoriyuki to the licorice nose of Kuroshio no Gotoku and the pungent spice of Ichii Senshin. For this beer, we decided to see what happened when we introduced it to a whopping 600kg of grain, which included three types of crystal malts, two varieties of roasted malt, and a blend of two base malts. Things started out with a bang and the yeast was almost too excited to see so much sugar from the grain, meaning the beer wound up overflowing from the tank for two straight days. From there the relationship got a bit strange and the yeast seemed to have met its match, taking over 10 days to finally finish fermenting a job it can usually accomplish in 4-5 max.

We gave the beer a long and deserved rest, meaning the brew that started on the winter solstice is only now ready to release after more than two months of maturation. The result is an intense flavour roller coaster of dark malts and yeast, highlighted by a complex nose of licorice and chocolate. This is a beer that we crafted slowly and, considering the ABV and complex flavour profile, we recommend you enjoy it slowly as well!

Naming: This beer was brewed at the end of December, just as the Kyoto winter was really starting to show its teeth, and has been waiting patiently in our tanks for over two months. Just as many animals are making their first steps out into the new season, this beer is finally ready to awake from its prolonged slumber and make its way into the world as the first signs of spring are showing around us.

Style: Belgian Imperial Stout

Malt Bill:
Pale Ale, Munich, Biscuit, Cara 50, Special B, Carafa 2, Roasted Barley

Bittering: Millennium
Flavour/Aroma: Styrian Goldings

Yeast: Belgian Ardennes

ABV: 8.5%

IBU: 46

Gas Volumes: 2.1

Collections: Retired Beers

Type: Beer