Taproom, Events, and Shipping Assistant

Updated: March 17, 2017


This role is a challenging cross-functional position that will work in tandem with both the taproom manager, event manager, sales and shipping teams to carry out daily tasks related to each party.  Daily responsibilities will vary but will largely focus on the operation of the taproom when it is open, assisting with attendance as well as logistics related to event participation and operation, and assisting wish shipping preparation and deliveries.  This person will also be expected to support communication with certain valuable customers.

The position requires a good deal of flexibility due to the fact it encompasses so many different aspects of company operations.  Thus, applicants should have experience working in teams, the ability to access situations and react accordingly, and the ability to multitask.  Previous experience in event management, customer relations, sales or outbound logistics is welcomed but not required. 

Since KBC is still small and growing, applicants must have a clear openness and willingness to be involved in many aspects of the company that may not be connected to their main job, or their intended long-term career path in the company.

The role is very much a customer-oriented position, and so the person must be someone who thrives in social situations, enjoys educating people on both craft beer and our company, and who is capable of networking effectively.

Detailed Job Responsibilities


  1. Providing service to customers in a way that is consistent with the ideals of KBC
  2. Setting up prior to opening and cleanup after closing
  3. Monitoring the taproom interior, exterior, and toilet for cleanliness throughout each business day
  4. Cleaning of draft lines
  5. Assisting the manager on duty with the reporting of sales totals


  1. Managing KBC’s event participation calendar.
  2. Assisting the Events Coordinator in arranging KBC’s participation in events.
  3. Working with the Events Coordinator to determine the appropriate amount of beer to set aside for the event.
  4. Managing KBC’s participation on site, from arrival and setup through takedown and departure.
  5. Providing service to customers in a way that is consistent with the ideals of KBC

Deliveries and Shipping

  1. Deliveries
    • Assist with preparation and conducting of deliveries
  1. Shipping
    • Assist with preparation and conducting of beer shipments

Customer Relationship Management

Maintain and develop customer relationships through the following activities:

  1. Gaining feedback from customers in Kyoto on delivery days in order to gain feelings on our products and service levels.
  2. Visiting customers when possible as a representative of KBC to gain feedback on our product’s popularity, our current performance and ideas on how we can improve.
  3. The role may eventually encompass communicating through Facebook groups and email about current stock levels and handling order requests for deliveries and/or shipping.

1.  General cleaning

    • Helping with the general cleanliness of the building

Qualifications and Requirements

  1. Must possess a strong interest in craft beer.
  2. Previous experience in event management, customer relations, sales, or logistics is preferred but not required.
  3. Must be proactive, flexible and capable of coping with ambiguity.
  4. Experience working in teams.
  5. Japanese language ability: fluent/native
  6. English language ability: basic reading (speaking ability is preferred but not required)
  7. General computer skills in excel and word
  8. University degree preferred but not required
  9. Valid driver's license

Potential Career Paths at KBC

  1. Sales representative
  2. Taproom Manager
  3. Events Coordinator
  4. Logistics Coordinator

Employee Benefits and Job Details

  1. Ideal Start Date: May 1st, 2017
  2. Type: Full-Time
  3. Trial Period: 3 months
  4. Length of contract:Permanent Hire
  5. Work Schedule:
    • Weekends: 10am ~ 7pm
    • Weekdays (3 out of 5): 9am ~ 6pm
  6. Flextime: Yes(Core-Time:11am ~ 4pm)
  7. Days Off: 2 weekdays a week
  8. Paid Holidays: 12 days or more
  9. Other Paid Holidays:
    • Year-end(Dec 31st ~ Jan 3rd))
    • Summer Vacation(3 days off between Jul to Sep)
    • All National Holidays
  10. Sick Leave: 5 days a Year
  11. Transportation Costs to Work: Covered

How to Apply

Please ensure you do the following when applying for positions at Kyoto Brewing Co.  Applicants who fail to observe any of these directives will not be considered for the position.

1. Write a purposeful email to recruit@kyotobrewing.com stating which job you are interested in and why you are applying.
2. Attach a current CV or resume.  
3. Attach a written statement that is specific to the job opening describing why you think you would be a good match for the position.
4. Include your contact details.

Please DO NOT make any inquiries for current or future positions by phone.  If you have a question about the position or the application process, please contact us via email.