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お中元セット (Summer Gift Set)


As a part of the Japanese culture of sending presents in summer to relatives or those to whom we feel indebted, we decided to release these sets as "Ochugen", or summer gift. Sets include one each of our 4 year round beers as well as 2 cans of our low alcohol summer session IPA, Natsu no Kimagure 2022 ver. Sets come in a gift box with a simple wrap and traditional gift sticker.

Sets include 6 350ml cans:

  1. Ichigo Ichie (ABV: 5.5%) Saison 350mlx1
  2. Ichii Senshin (ABV: 6.5%) Belgian IPA  350mlx1
  3. Kuroshio no Gotoku (ABV: 6.0%) Belgian Stout 350mlx1
  4. 6 Day Weekend (ABV: 4.5%) Belgian Session IPA 350mlx1
    6Day Weekend features a simple European malt base and American hops, whose light tropical and citrus character blend well with the fruit heavy aromas from our house yeast.
  5. Natsu no Kimagure 2022 (ABV: 4.5%) Session IPA 350mlx2
    Fresh and fruity hop flavor and aroma pair with soft malt character in this highly drinkable IPA.