Ai Tani of Craft Beer Base, our longtime friend and supporter, was quick to initiate the campaign “Make Tomorrow Happy with Beer” (Bii-ru de Asu wo Shiawase ni) #ビールで明日を幸せに. Her goal was simple: raise awareness of the fact that everyone in this industry is connected as one community, and it is only through supporting each other that the industry as a whole and the individuals that work within it can survive. From the point of the consumer, the only reason there is beer on the shelf at their local bottle shop is because a brewery felt it was worth crafting and a distributor or beer bar felt it deserved to be served; from the brewery’s perspective, the only reason they have space on that shelf or are connected to that tap is because a customer is there to drink it. Without each of these parts working collectively, one or all components of the circle are left behind.

So what is it that the campaign entails? First and foremost, it is raising awareness. In addition to the hashtag noted above, breweries, bottle shops, bars, and distributors participating in the initiative will have charity badges for sale. Customers wishing to support the cause can buy these badges for 200 yen, directly supporting the participating organization while at the same time promoting the cause. To push the reach further, each organization will also supply free stickers of the same design, also intended to expand awareness and create a communication tool through which to share the concept with those who may not be familiar with it. The use of the #ビールで明日を幸せに hashtag when posting about craft beer is also strongly encouraged.