Black is Beautiful Worldwide Collab - Part2

As we mentioned, we are participating in theBlack is Beautiful collaboration hosted by Weathered Souls Brewing company located in San Antonio, Texas, to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily. At the time of this post, over 1100 breweries from 20 countries have joined the cause, which means by our rough calculations that at a minimum over 1,287,000 liters of this beer has been brewed worldwide, all in the name of equality.

The proceeds from this brew will go to support the Legal Rescue Squad run by the Kyoto Bar Association. While finding a local organization that focused on supporting one minority proved difficult, we felt this organization best personified the project ideals of providing legal defense for those who have been wronged and fighting for equality and inclusion.

The beer itself is surprisingly smooth for its 10% ABV and has rich flavours of dark and bittersweet chocolate. We followed the original recipe as closely as possible, which means this stout is a big departure from the ones we normally brew. A much higher quantity of dark malts are accompanied by a higher bitterness, which after weeks of maturation has added more layers of complexity on top of an already delicious beer. We hope you will join us in supporting a unique cause through this unique (and delicious!) brew!