Seasonal Release Series

'Kimagure' Series

The Pale Ale is in many ways the quintessential beer. It brings together everything that makes beer beer: hoppyness, dryness, maltyness. Even so, we tend to like our pale ales on the hoppy side, and depending on the season, our preferred pale ale changes. The Japanese phrase "kimagure" is used in restaurants in Japan to refer to when a chef comes up with a recipe on a given day, based upon the ingredients that he has, which are often seasonal, and his own personal preference or sense of what will work.  With our 'Kimagure' (or 'on a whim') series, we try to find the perfect hoppy pale ale (light IPA!?) for every season.

'Shunkashuto' Series

Saison (or "season" in French) seems like the perfect beer for Japan, a country that culturally places great importance on observing the changing seasons.  With our Shunkashuto (or "Four Seasons") series, we decided to make a different Saison for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to suit the different times of year.